Family Moving Tips

19th Sep 2019

Family Moving Tips

The major obstacle parents face with moving + children = overwhelmed/stress = YIKES, all of which can be made easier. We know firsthand that NO ONE wants to pack, let alone pack while the kiddos are right behind you unpack.

Boxes full of stuff?!? They want to unpack them, even though you just spent the better part of an hour fitting books and toys in there. Lol…

No worries today, we will equip you with some packing tips for making sure everyone makes it alive and happy on moving day.

In an effort to save you—for all the parents thinking-about-maybe-moving—here’s a list of six helpful tips that we know you might need while packing for the big-day!

1. Ask for help!: So many people might offer to help. “Let us take the kids while you pack” or “ I can come over and help you pack”. Let us help you – SAY YES! When you relent and take a friend up on the office to come over to play with the kids while you packed up the Kitchen or Closets, you will get so much more done and by the end of the day feel accomplished!

2. Let the Kiddos Help: Give your kids something to do. Let us make sure to break this one down… Please do not hand them a Sharpie along with some tape & scissors. Lol J but give each a box, have them fill their box with their stuff. (You might have to repack them later* J) but when you include them in the process, it gives them a sense of ownership and a bit of control over the massive process of changing homes. Plus it makes for some great last memories in that home!

3. Communicate and label, label, label, label: Did we say Label ;) When you start packing have two different systems going at once. One can be your donate pile, your keepsakes (Moms know what that mean!) and the trash it pile! But please make sure to LABEL, you do not want your keepsakes ending up at your local second hand thrift store being sold for $2.00. Maybe Assign the oldest to label each box with labels like: KEEP FOREVER!, TRASH IT! And DONATE! Oh and be sure your partner knows what’s what.

4. Don’t stop buying groceries altogether: Do not completely stop buying your normal groceries in fear of moving all the fresh foods/ snacks/frozen packages/mayonnaise across the town. That’s a mistake, because no one wants to eat freezer-burned meals and canned vegetables for three straight weeks. But we suggest to continue to buy fresh produce and foods that your family loves to eat, just buy smaller portions.

5. De-clutter when your kids are asleep: Parents, I can’t tell you how many times you will find your little ones playing with toys that you just throw away. And the meltdown that ensued when they see their beloved broken toy/ “art project” in the kitchen trash. Avoid these scenes: Do it when they are asleep, and take the trash all the way out of your house. It will avoid hurt feelings for those items they just might not understand aren’t making it to the new home.

6. Don’t underestimate the emotional energy it will take your family to move: You will be surprised at all the emotions. There is the excitement of a new home and neighborhood the new memories, the new adventures yet there will be the sadness from the goodbyes to home where your family made so many memories. There’s the stress of the “to-do” list that feels like it goes on forever. It’s a big life change, so be sure to give yourself some space to feel all those feelings. Take pictures of the packing, the moving and allow everyone to say goodbye! Maybe have one last living room sleepover with pizza… make it a last day/night to remember!