How 2 pack your Kitchen 101

Posted by Kingdom Movers GA on 19th Sep 2019

How 2 pack your Kitchen 101

Moving day is coming up quickly and you’ve done such a great job at packing up every nook and cranny of your home. We’re so impressed with your progress, keep up the great work! We’re guessing you’ve left a few dreaded areas for your final days of packing… your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer?!?!?

Did anyone say leftovers for dinner?? Just kidding! We have a much better (& more yummy) solution so you don’t waste all of the contents of your kitchen. If you have lots of food you’d like to keep, then here are our tips to pack your food and move it from one home to another.


  • Throw away the takeout menus asap!
  • Say your final goodbye to the delivery guys! You’re eating in from now until moving day, baby! It’s much easier to eat your food now, than to move it later, so get creative in the kitchen and use up the last of what you have! You can even throw a dinner party to really go through all of your food. Get baking and leave your favorite neighbors with homemade cookies, cakes, and breads. They’ll miss you forever…

Check expiration dates and toss anything that doesn’t make the cut.

Here are some items you should consider dumping:

  • Opened bags of snacks
  • Opened frozen foods
  • Opened/Unsealed condiments
  • Defrosted meats
  • Eggs
  • Opened beverages
  • Produce

Spices, condiments, and oils can be fairly expensive and you may not have the budget to purchase new items when you arrive at your new home. Light food items (such as pasta) may also be worth moving. Just be sure to pack fragile items correctly. Here are some tips to prevent leaking and breakage…

*Place bagged food in plastic grocery bags and seal with duct tape to eliminate leaking during your move.

*Wrap spices and jars in protective plastic wrap and pack in a box.

People have freezers full of steaks, fish, and chicken. We’re guessing you don’t want to toss these expensive (& yummy) items. So if you’re moving close by, pack your food in a cooler and store it in your car when you move. Use ice to keep your food at a safe temperature.

(We recommend using plastic bags or containers to avoid any spills.) No one wants to open their cooler to find fish goo everywhere. Also, be sure to place the cooler in your vehicle last so you can easily unpack it when you arrive at your destination.

EXTRA Tip* Set aside some money in your moving budget, so you can take a big trip to the grocery store to restock and get your new pantry! :)